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Marriage is an age-old institution and has seen cultural variations as well as historical and political transformations. The simplest of marital relationships are always changing as the people involved in the relationship age, individually and synergistically. Marriages that originate in the Eastern Culture and are now in Western Culture undergo unique challenges in terms of readjustments, stresses, and triumphs.

Traditional Indian Henna patterns combined with my own designs express this relationship serving as the background for this body of work. These designs are carved on birch wood panels to create woodcuts referencing an ancient printing method. The process of making the wood cut, printing the paper plates and the paper that would be used, is significant amount of work needed to make the art piece, just as a relationship requires work to sustain and possibly succeed over a long period of time.

On the quilt of relationship, they offered more than a touch. 
It was a Cardiac Dance
Ink on Paper Plates, Birch Wood, Paint
78" H x 58" W x 4 " D
Cardiac Dance No.2
Woodblock prints on paper plates, canvas, birch wood , paint, acrylic
48" X 48" X 12"
Cardiac Dance No.3
Wood block print on paper plates and BFK Reeves, Birch wood, Paint, acrylic.
62"H x 42" Wx 8"D
What Knot Not Forever
Mixed Media
What Knot Not Forever. Detail View
Paper Plates, Monotype on BFK Reeves, Paper, Lace
Available. Drawing on paper and embossed paper plates.
archival ink on BFK Reeves, Monoprint on japanese paper, embossed paper plates, gouache, acrylic, thread, monofilament.
46 x 24 x 20
Unhemmed cheer, game of chance. 						

Him and Her, it is a routine dance.
Embossed BFK Reeves, Embossed paper plates, acrylic medium, wood stain, thread
Three admirers baiting. 

One hidden, one lost, one waiting
Archival Ink drawing on BFK Reeves, embossed paper plates, monoprint , acrylic medoum, thread